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United States United States
  • Size worn Medium Regular/Long
  • Usual dress size small/med - 8-10
  • Height 5'6"
  • Weight (lbs) 152
  • Bra Size 34B

Best Bathing Suit Ever

I ordered this suit after seeing so many amazing photos/videos/testimonials online, and I was not disappointed. Somehow, even after seeing all the other results, I was absolutely shocked at how well the suit pulled in my waist and flattened my tummy without being uncomfortable. I can't wait for the restock so I can get this suit in more colours. Absolutely thrilled with my purchase. (excuse the mess in the photo - still moving in to my new place :) )

TA3 SWIM Hi Cut Plungey Review
Alissa l.
United States United States
  • Size worn M long
  • Usual dress size 8
  • Body shape Average
  • Height 5’10”
  • Weight (lbs) 165
  • Bra Size 36D

Mixed feelings

The suit is amazing front the front. The back is where its strange. I took the quiz and first was told to buy a large. I should have stuck to a medium so I would say its true to size. I reordered in a medium at it was much better. It ****** my waist in inches, and was comfortable while doing so. The back is so weird though! Lacing it up in the back makes it loose and gives you extra fabric. It bunches up and feels like it will be saggy when it’s wet. It doesn’t lay flat or stay put like a seamless swimsuit does. That’s what I’m used to so maybe that’s why I’m struggling with it. I like the suit but do I think it’s worth $178 with a saggy back? No

TA3 SWIM Hi Cut Plungey ReviewTA3 SWIM Hi Cut Plungey ReviewTA3 SWIM Hi Cut Plungey ReviewTA3 SWIM Hi Cut Plungey Review
United States United States
  • Size worn M
  • Usual dress size 4
  • Body shape busty square
  • Height 5'2"
  • Weight (lbs) 125
  • Bra Size DD

Whoa baby!!!!

I took the quiz! Let me just tell you I have never ever had a one piece because I'm short and top heavy! Everything has always been gappy in the under region. This suit fits absolutely perfect! I ordered the medium short and I look 10 lbs lighter with extra squeeze in all the right places I have a nice curve in this suit! I am so impressed!!! I would have paid double for a suit that's how much I love it! I did the black high cut plungy and I have zero regrets! I feel super sexy in my one piece for that after two kid mom ***! kudos to the amazing designers that provide additional support for the girls and middle region! Thank you so very much!

United States United States
  • Size worn XL
  • Usual dress size 12
  • Body shape Hourglass
  • Height 5,4
  • Weight (lbs) 190
  • Bra Size 34HH

More colors please!!!

I have a very large chest, and not like a perky stays up kind of chest… and I have never felt this secure in a bathing suit! Please make in more colors, black is great but I want more options Size quiz was accurate!

Brittany L.
United States United States
  • Size worn M
  • Usual dress size 6
  • Body shape Curvy
  • Height 5,’8
  • Bra Size 34DD

The perfect one piece

I couldn’t love this suit more! It gives you the most incredible hourglass shape, the high cut on the legs is super sexy, and the back lacing doesn’t give that “popping out” effect. I’ve been styling this as a bodysuit and wearing it out because it makes me feel so good and confident!

United States United States
  • Size worn Large
  • Usual dress size 10
  • Body shape Busty
  • Height 5 feet
  • Weight (lbs) 145
  • Bra Size 36DD


I have been looking at this suit for several months. I ordered it before vacation and worth every penny. The quality of the fabric is phenomenal. It does everything it says it will. I felt confident and sexy. I’m buying it in every color.

Hannah M.
Australia Australia
  • Size worn L
  • Usual dress size M/L
  • Body shape Slim/slight curve
  • Height 5’3
  • Weight (lbs) 127
  • Bra Size 32DD

This swimsuit is the definition of perfect!

Cinches the waist so perfectly and makes you truly get that hourglass shape, even before you pull the strings tight at the back, but when you do tighten those strings WOW is the word. This is hands down my favortie swimsuit ive ever owned. Not only is the quality absolutely flawless, and that it looks like perfection to any body shape, its also so comfortable and hold everything together, good for photos and good for practical use, swimming in this i feel so confident physically and confident that everything will stay together and do its job. I have nothing bad to say, everyone just buy one, you wont regret it. :-) <3 11/10 !

Amie L.
United States United States
  • Size worn XL
  • Usual dress size 8-12
  • Height 5’11
  • Weight (lbs) 170
  • Bra Size 36 DD


10/10, okay so seeing the instagram ads I was shook. I didn’t believe it worked as well as I did so I checked the return policy and reviews on returns and was like okay cool if it doesn’t live up to these magical videos no prob I can return. I got this in the mail, tried in on and ARE YOU KIDDING ME. I was struttin so hard in the mirror I sent a video to all my besties. I was like KIM K WHO?! I had this snatched little waist all hourglassed up, my hips were looking all baywatch with the high cut, no back fat, smoothed all over like no pooch whatsoever. The compression feels amazing and comfortable plus has 10x the results of any shape wear I have ever put under a dress plus I can breathe. I was worried it was going to flatten my boobs with how well everything else smooths over but nope my boobs look great WITH NO UNDERWIRE like how? Telling legit everyone about this suit it is 100 percent worth the money.

United States United States
  • Size worn XL
  • Usual dress size 14
  • Body shape hourglass
  • Height 5'8
  • Weight (lbs) 220
  • Bra Size 38G

Exactly as shown!

I'm a size 14, so according to the size chart, I could've ordered a Large. Because I'm 5'8 and have a large chest and butt, I didn't want to look squished. I ordered an XL regular/long and it is perfect. Please keep in mind that if you read older reviews, the swimsuit sizing was updated in February 2022, so my suit is the new sizing. I still have a some baby weight from having twins, and the suit is still super flattering! If you are thinking about the cost, it is worth the investment if you will spend enough time on the beach or near the pool. I completely understand why some women also wear this as a tummy tucking bodysuit too. I can't wait for there to be more styles available!

United States United States
  • Size worn M
  • Usual dress size 8/10
  • Body shape hourglass
  • Height 5’8”
  • Weight (lbs) 153
  • Bra Size 34F

WOW! Spanx in a suit!

Amazing customer service, super-fast shipping and then WOW, the fit. I was trying to not get my hopes up because I know there is a lot of hype around this suit. It was advertised to me on Fb and I just so happen to be taking a trip to Mexico with my husband soon…sooooo, what better time to try a new suit! I am OBSESSED. So comfortable and flattering and your boobs are so secure! I am a 34F and it’s always a challenge to find a suit that is both secure and flattering. I ordered the high cut plungey in black and the plungey in blue. I love them both, but the blue plungey makes me feel more secure up top, but the high cut plungey looks better on the butt. Wish I could combine the two fits haha! But overall, I would wear both. For the price point, it’s worth wearing the suit with jeans and skirts too - looks so cute! Lots of photos to follow

TA3 SWIM Hi Cut Plungey ReviewTA3 SWIM Hi Cut Plungey ReviewTA3 SWIM Hi Cut Plungey ReviewTA3 SWIM Hi Cut Plungey ReviewTA3 SWIM Hi Cut Plungey Review