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United States United States
  • Bra Size 34DD
  • Weight (lbs) 158
  • Height 5'8"
  • Body shape Saggy hourglass
  • Usual dress size 12
  • Size worn L

Do it.

I have been looking at TA3 swimsuits for about 2 years. I rarely buy myself anything this expensive. Oh if I could go back in time and pull the trigger sooner. It's worth every penny and more. I'm in my 40s and live in a sleepy coastal town in FL so I swim often. Fine described my current swimsuit. It wasn't amazing but it was fine. I have guests coming into town and knew I would be in a swimsuit in front of them. My "fine" suit would not cut it. I remembered TA3 and ordered one. Woah, woah and woah. My body has never liked like this. I feel incredible. I'm like a beach superhero! Somehow it's comfortable as well which I would have never guessed. It holds me in with a loving hug of premium material. Do yourself the favor and try one. In the first photo, I'm wearing a J. Crew black swimsuit in a size 12 tall. This has been my "go to" suit for a few years. My "fine" swimsuit. You can see the difference the TA3 made to my shape. As far as sizing, I'm right on between the M long and L long and either would have worked. (I bought both and ultimately returned the M long.) I'm about 5'8", 158lbs (sometimes it's closer to 163lbs) and my measurements are 40" across the fullest part of my bust, 31" under my bust, 32" waist and 40" hip. I normally am a 12 in pants and a M/L in top with a 34DD bra. I hope that helps someone.

TA3 SWIM Plungey ReviewTA3 SWIM Plungey Review
United States United States
  • Bra Size 34DDD
  • Weight (lbs) 155
  • Height 5'8
  • Body shape Hourglass
  • Usual dress size 8/10
  • Size worn M


Here's the boring stuff: Hourglass figure with thicc thighs, 155lbs, big boobs, big butt, small waist, 5'8". Fits like a glove. All the good cleavage, none of the spillage. I bet I could've gotten a large and still felt good in it. Definitely wouldn't recommend a small if you have similar proportions. Ok, now let's talk: I received this bathing suit approximately 15 minutes ago, tried it on and then sprinted to the computer to write this review--and this review is perhaps my first ever in a long, sometimes (read: often) sad history of online shopping. Babe, look me in my metaphorical eyes: YOU WILL LOVE THIS BATHING SUIT. YOU WILL LOOK HOT IN THIS BATHING SUIT. Will it make your ex apologize for being a Grade A DBag? No...BUT if they see you in this suit they'll AT LEAST consider it. Will it make your mom pay for the therapy she caused you to need? No again, but it will certainly offer a temporary serotonin boost. The price? Nope, don't let that deter you if you have the coin and you're on the fence...I KNOW it's spendy. And I KNOW it might seem like this suit is too good be true. It's just that it's not. And I want this for you. Ok, now stop looking at me and go buy the suit.

United States United States
  • Bra Size 32HH (UK)
  • Weight (lbs) 175lbs
  • Height 5’6”
  • Body shape Busty Curvy
  • Usual dress size 6/8
  • Size worn M short

Best one piece ever

I really really like it! Based on reviews I chose the shorter one in medium and I was worried I would be too big for it but it fits like a dream. My chest is a bit bustier and they pop out a bit, but they are still held in the suit really well. I’m impressed and really happy with it.

TA3 SWIM Plungey Review
Crystal N.
United States United States
  • Size worn Large (regular/long)
  • Usual dress size 14
  • Body shape Apple
  • Height 5'4 and a half
  • Weight (lbs) 220
  • Bra Size 38DDD

Just Buy it. The pictures speak for themselves!!!

Reglar/long is perfect for someone 5'4 and above. If you are bigger than me (weight) get an XL. The Plungey does hold larger ******* in place very nicely...just don't run or jump lol. Haven't tried it out in the water yet. 10/10 recommend. I don't even want or need another swimsuit!!! Can't wait to show it off at the pool and beach this summer.

TA3 SWIM Plungey Review
Alexia M.
United States United States
  • Size worn XS short
  • Usual dress size 2/4
  • Body shape Pear
  • Height 5’2”
  • Weight (lbs) 115
  • Bra Size 34B

Too good to be true (for me)

I just tried on the swimsuit. Not good for my body at all. The suit itself is tight and feels like wearing Spanx, except it held me in where I didn’t want it! My lower tummy area looked the same (not smaller), but my upper abdomen and breast area were squeezed too tight. And it totally flattened my boobs. Ideally, my boobs would be enhanced to create a more feminine shape, but they were flattened like when I wear sports bras. Not sure why the spandex material is used in the chest area at all… Overall, it actually lessened my curves. Also, the lacing in the back created what I lovingly call the “Mariana trench” down my spine, where my back fat is squeezed together. I tried loosening the laces but it actually made the back look worse. My husband gave it a 6 out of 10… not what I want to hear when I’ve bought such an expensive swimsuit. One extra star because the material seems durable and I liked the color on me.

TA3 SWIM Plungey ReviewTA3 SWIM Plungey Review


Hi Alexia, I am sorry this suit is too small, please try the size small short it will look great on you. Make sure to shorten the straps and pull the suit up if you try it.

United States United States
  • Bra Size 38C
  • Weight (lbs) 225
  • Height 5'9"
  • Body shape Hourglass
  • Usual dress size 18/20
  • Size worn 3x

Amazing fit and coverage

This suit has the perfect amount of butt coverage but a little skin on top. I usually have trouble with suits being too tight at the legs or too loose on the top because I have a smaller chest and larger bottom. This fabric is HIGH QUALITY! My normal lumps and bumps were nowhere to be seen! I'm including pics so you can see how this looks on women with fuller figures. I am not even blinking at the price after trying this on!

TA3 SWIM Plungey ReviewTA3 SWIM Plungey Review
  • Size worn Xl
  • Usual dress size 16
  • Body shape Round/curvy
  • Height 5’6
  • Weight (lbs) 200
  • Bra Size 38B

Game changer

Honestly, I was extremely skeptical. And the price point wasn’t making it any better. I decided to invest because I’ve spent more money on worse things. When it arrived it did not disappoint. The material is excellent. And the fit, ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC! I’m a large girl. Usually wear size 14-18. I got an XL. And the way it cinches in your waist, ABSOLUTE GAME CHANGER. I’m buying another one. I’ve never looked flattering in a bathing suit.. UNTIL NOW! Take my word coming from a cheapskate… GET THIS SUIT!

Allie S.
United States United States
  • Bra Size 34D
  • Weight (lbs) 160
  • Height 5'7
  • Body shape Muscular Rectangle
  • Usual dress size 8-10
  • Size worn Medium Long/Reg

Insane! Barbie Waist

Wow! I was advertised this on instagram and kept going back to look at it because I am 30 and felt like I am over the point in my life where I wear weird amazon bathing suits that never fit quite right.. And I wanted to get a one piece that actually looks good, all attempts really highlighted my rectangular shape and made me feel unattractive. I have boobs and butt but really not much of an hourglass waist from the front. I finally bit the bullet and the cost and ordered a Plungey and Lacey. I really didn't want to show my boobs but the Plunge had more butt coverage and I wanted to try both options. I had contacted the chat form because I am in between sizes and read all the reviews and really wasn't sure, and was recommended that I get the Medium, but I was skeptical and didn't want to have any bulging out of the leg holes.. So I ordered a Medium in the Plungey because it had more butt coverage and a Large in the Lacey. I should have listened because although initially it was a little harder to get the Medium Plunge on and situated it is insane and making me look like a vintage Barbie! I do not have that waist, this bathing suit is a witch! It doesn't give you weird blobs hanging out anywhere even though it is ******* you in! I was really dreading wearing a bathing suit this summer on my trips but now I feel like it won't be such a nightmare. Thank you!! I already ordered the medium in Lacey and hope to get it soon to see if it is better. I hope that they make a higher neck version with an X back, that would be the dream. I have attached the picture of the difference between the Medium Plunge and Large Lacey and also a picture of me in a sketchy Amazon bathing suit to illustrate my rectangular form Sorry for the blur, trying to hide my messy room haha.

TA3 SWIM Plungey ReviewTA3 SWIM Plungey Review
Megan W.
United States United States
  • Bra Size 36 DDD
  • Weight (lbs) 180
  • Height 5' 6.5"
  • Body shape hourglass
  • Usual dress size M
  • Size worn M


I'll admit, swimsuits aren't my favorite, and I don't own many. It's often hard to fit my hourglass shape, as my bust, to waist, to hip ratio doesn't typically fit your average suit sizing. Toying between sizes M and L, I reached out to support for help and they were phenomenal! They recommended a M since, "if the waist is too big, it won't work!" It took a bit of finessing to figure out the best way to tie the back to keep my boobs in place, but looks awesome! Only giving a 4 out of 5 here cause the cup padding doesn't stay put, and can pop up as you're putting on/moving around. Definitely recommend TA3SWIM!!

TA3 SWIM Plungey Review
United States United States
  • Size worn 3x
  • Usual dress size 18
  • Body shape Plus
  • Height 6’1
  • Weight (lbs) 220
  • Bra Size 40DDD

Tall/Plus Approved!

I am a very tall (6’1), plus size woman with a large chest (40DDD) and I have never, ever in my life been able to wear a one piece. They were always too short or showed too much chest. I always resort to a two piece swim suit with a tank on over it. Last year, I bought a very expensive two piece and it still showed too much. I got dirty looks from people and offended my Grandma (Sorry Gram!) when I tried it without a tank. After going back and forth for weeks, I finally decided to buy this suit. I did not have high hopes because I have been let down by bathing suits for so long. Wow, wow, wow! This suit makes me feel so comfortable and I can’t wait to wear it. My chest is supported, I feel covered and it does not hurt anywhere! Those with large chests know that swim suits hurt and after a day in the sun, you are ready to take them off. I can also put it on myself and tighten it, another struggle that large chested women have! I finally feel like I can go play at a water park with my daughter, which is something I have avoided for the 7 years she has been alive. This suit is life changing for me. Literally. My summer is going to rock now!

TA3 SWIM Plungey Review