Product FAQ

Will this flatten my stomach?

Yes! Ta3 suits have targeted compression panels over the stomach and back waist that work with the lacing to flatten your stomach and sculpt your waist

What styles have covered back?
Will my fat explode out the back like a busted can of biscuits?

No. The middle of your back is typically flat or concave. People picture the lacing over a sphere (like your stomach or boobs) which would cause that effect. If you have the right size the lacing should only be in the center of your back.

Will I be able to breathe/are they comfortable?

Yes! Our customers find our suits to be supportive but comfortable enough to wear all day. You can tie the back as tight or loose as you want. We have scuba divers, aerial yoga instructors, and surfers who all love the suits!

How do I know what torso length to order?

We offer 2 or 3 torso lengths in all styles. Usually, the short length works best for customers under 5'2", while Reg/Long typically accommodates those up to 6'0". Our XLong suits customers 6'0" and taller or those with longer torsos. Torso measurement from bra strap, over bust to bottom of crotch. Please reference the size guide for exact size parameters.

Is this a corset?

No! Our suits do not have boning and are not constrictive like a traditional corset. You will have no problem wearing them all day. They will not restrict your breathing, digestion or any other bodily functions.

How long do they last?

Our suits last for years, please make sure to hand wash and dry flat. If anything ever happens to your suit please email with a photo.

Does this work with an apple body?

Yes! Unlike most shapewear, our product is designed to flatten your stomach AND sculpt your waist.